Silver pendant Triskelion – handmade, Ag 925

Silver pendant with Celtic symbol Triskelion- handmade

Silver, hand-made pendant with a round shape with a triskelion. The round pendant (diameter 12 mm) has been covered with a special satin-diamond texture in a light color. The triskelion itself was cut in the upper layer of the pendant and burnished to give it a contrasting color. 

What does the trskelion symbolize? It is believed to have many meanings. The triple spiral is identified with the passage of time (past-present-future), and thus with the stages of life (childhood – maturity – old age). According to some, it symbolizes three elements: water, fire and earth, and according to others, the position of the Sun (east-zenith-west). Another interpretation is the division into three worlds: visible, spiritual and divine. The curved shape of the spiral arms symbolizes dynamism / movement as well as life. Triskelion worn as a talisman was to protect against all kinds of misfortune, bestow wisdom and help in fulfilling desires.

What is „Triskelionpendant made of?

Our pendant „Triskelion” is made of 925 silver, suitable for jewellery. It has a stamped goldsmith’s – its author – namesake.

You like the pendant „Triskelion” but you need another size or you would like to change something?

No problem! Contact us, describe what you would like to change and we will do our best to adjust our product to you. 🙂 Each one of our pendants – also the „Triskelion” – is handmade by one goldsmith according to our own design so we can modify it and create something special for you. Need it to be bigger or smaller? Maybe you wish to change any of the design elements? Describe what you need and we will do everything to help you.
To every product we attach a certificate of authenticity confirming manual and unique workmanship.

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